Rock Lake – June 2017

We took a few days leave to explore the Cabinet mountains and get a feel for the Thompson Falls area. The northwest part of the state has had some appeal to us for years – ever since we were in North Idaho. After spending two days in the area, we really weren’t as impressed as we would have wished. The mountains are very neat. The Cabinets are much wetter than our local stomping grounds, recieving 2-3 times the rainfall. There are several mountains and lakes on the list to explore in the future, but not top of the list.

Rock lake trail was interesting. The trail began as a logging road being reclaimed by the bear grass and huckleberry. Two old structures have been abandoned, then reinhabited by not-so-friendly pack rats. It smelled awful.

Along the main creek alongside the trail, Brandon spotted a suspicious mushroom down the bank. Upon close inspection, it was an oyster mushroom – a forest delicacy! It was fried up the next night over our usual campside pencil fire.


The logging grade then cut off on another hill and became a single track. The grade can be seen on some of the far mountain sides on the below pictures when looking at nearby ridges. They’re hard to see, but they’re there.


We stayed on extra night on some state land being logged. We found a tight little turnout, out of the way and enjoyed a slow evening and some fir needle tea.