October 2016

I do not remember if it was a math error or the change in plans that caused this, but after the conex was dropped we noticed a problem… The height of the box was a bit taller than the frame. Just a bit.

Being the skilled country engineers that we are, we devised a system to reduce the slope and allow us to keep the roof in continuity over the width of the container.

Although it did cut the slope in half, we are confident that the increase snow load will not be a problem. Snow will stay on the roof unless pushed off, but snow is a great insulator, right!?!

With more than 200 linear feet of 1 3/4″ planks cut, the o56 has been a champ – despite eating through its starter rope.

The roof is about 80% covered currently in planks. After it is finished this weekend, a support will go under the section covering the container. That is the only stretch that will require additional support with the change in slope.

Following this step, the synthetic roofing paper will be laid, then the metal will be purchased!

The roof ought to be completed by November, at which time we will set up forms for the concrete wall foundation.

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