Dome Shaped Mountain – June 2016

After a few weeks of anticipation, we finally had two days off that aligned allowing us to climb a ridge line that has been on the list for a while. Due to some guessing during our navigation (and the road still being snowed in), we ended up climbing the ridge father along than the one we originally planned for. We were hoping to find the ridge between Fuse lake and Stony lake, but ended up coming in above Stony lake and walking to Dome Shaped mountain. At about 8,700 feet and being snowy along the top, it was quite exciting to be up at that exposure. The entire Sapphires were below us and the Bitterroots were seen easily, though hard to see in the pictures without a zoom on the cellphone camera.

During our descent, we decided to stop at a lake we spotted earlier. Though it ended up being a dammed creek, it was still pleasant to cool off before getting to the car.





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